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The Blue Stars Mellophone Section at the Indianapolis Audition Camp on November 24, 2007. Staff member Angie Mefford is pictured. A second audition camp will be held in December in Minnesota.


The Opportunity Still Exists for You to Participate with the '08 Blue Stars!


Congrats to the Blue Stars Mellophone section for getting a lot accomplished at the Indy Audition Camp. Good luck to those attending the December camp in Minnesota.


Auditions are still underway and applications are still being accepted for the brass line. You can learn more about the 2008 Blue Stars at their web site.


Brass Tech Angie Mefford has coordinated the creation of this page within The Middle Horn Leader to offer some recordings of the audition technical etudes:


Exercise 1, Hammond 6MP Mouthpiece (mp3)

Exercise 1, Monette B2 Flumpet Mouthpiece (mp3)


Exercise 2, Hammond 6MP Mouthpiece (mp3)

Exercise 2, Monette B2 Flumpet Mouthpiece (mp3)


Exercise 3, Hammond 6MP Mouthpiece (mp3)

Exercise 3, Monette B2 Flumpet Mouthpiece (mp3)


Exercise 4, Hammond 6MP Mouthpiece (mp3)

Exercise 4, Monette B2 Flumpet Mouthpiece (mp3)



Camp Recordings and Photos


Email Angie Mefford (email) for links to mp3s and photos from the camp.