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Images From DCI Warm-ups

Select images taken August 7 & 8, 2009 in Indianapolis, Indiana.


J.D. Shaw (left) directs the Phantom Regiment through their final warm-up of the 2009 season. Johann H. (left) begins her warm-up with the Bluecoats. Johanna was featured in an article in Halftime Magazine.


A light rain threatened the semi-finals warm-up, prompting several corps (including the Phantom Regiment pictured above) indoors at the convention center. This shot was taken just as Phantom located its hornline beneath the only light available in the large convention center to begin their visual warm-up. Click image to see an enlargement.


The Troopers return to their first DCI Finals performance since 1986 was met with a lot of excitement by longtime drum corps fans. Rumor has it the corps scored the same exact score in semifinals in 2009 as they did in 1986.


The Blue Stars' mellophone section gathers for one last huddle before finishing the warm-up and heading the Lucas Oil Stadium for their last performance of the season.


Members of the Phantom Regiment mid-voice include ageouts Micaela H. (third from right) and Jesse F. (second from right) complete their final warmup.


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Audio from Warm-ups (mp3 format)


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