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A Quantum Leap?

A "first look" at the Jupiter Quantum 5050 Marching Mellophone.

The Mellocast

Al Perkins' popular Pod Cast is nearing a milestone.

David Welch Continues Battle

Have you visited 38Lemon lately?


Interested in marching in drum corps mid-voice this season? Click here for Blue Stars information and recent Camp Photos.


Coming Soon:

A look back at the King K-50



The Middle Horn Leader, as a publication, was born in March of 1992. Initially, its purpose was to keep the mellophone section members of the Bluegrass Brass Senior Corps of Lexington, Kentucky informed of corps events. However, word of the publication devoted to mid-voice soon spread and issues of the newsletter were distributed throughout the U.S. and the United Kingdom. As in the beginning, the purpose of this publication is to celebrate the development and usage of mid-voice instrumentation (e.g., mellophones, mellophoniums, mellophone bugles, French horns, French horn bugles, flugelhorns, flugelhorn bugles, and those oft misunderstood alto bugles.


The Middle Horn Leader published fourteen issues between March 1992 and March 1995. Copies of the original series are still circulating and at least one issue has been republished annually since 2003. You can access select articles from these original issues here.


  Middle Horn Leader, 2008