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Monette FL Mouthpiece



Technical Data

Reprinted from the David G. Monette Web Site: At the heart of our work are our revolutionary, constant-pitch-center mouthpieces. Monette mouthpieces are designed specifically for each key and weight of instrument. The acoustic and musical advantages our mouthpieces provide are so important to our overall mission that most of this guide is devoted to explaining in detail what makes them so unique, and how one can best realize the improvements they offer. Monette mouthpieces also allow players to successfully use the revolutionary instruments we produce. Monette instruments are designed to be used only with Monette mouthpieces. This compatibility issue is so critical to effective use of our instruments that we accept no orders for our custom-built instruments unless the client uses or plans to use only Monette mouthpieces. Many of the instruments we make for players already familiar with our equipment actually have integral (built-in) mouthpieces. This means there is one less obstacle between the player and the audience, and therefore more connection, more intimacy, and more music.




I started using a Monette STC-2 B2FL mouthpiece for mellophone practices and performances quite by accident. Having become acclimated to the larger mouthpiece (approximately the same cup diameter as a Bach 1-1/4 trumpet mouthpiece), the Mello 6 seemed restrictively small, especially for a mellophone in F.


The manufacturer does not recommend these mouthpieces

for mid-voice instruments such as mellophones or altos.


This mouthpiece offers a unique combination of a deep V-shaped cup and an extremely large throat. It enables the player to achieve a dark, resonant sound (at times almost "horn like"). The mouthpiece also affords a trumpet-like response and consistency throughout the lower and upper register.


The large mass mouthpiece is extremely stable and well-suited for sectional work. The cup depth is very deep and may not always project well enough in an outdoor venue to support solo work within a larger brass ensemble.


Mouthpiece Comparison Recordings

(All performed on a stock Yamaha 204M Marching Mellophone)



Monette B2FL IYM Curry 1.25TF Yamaha 14F4
Horkstow mp3 mp3 mp3 mp3 mp3
Candide 1


mp3 mp3 mp3 mp3
Candide2 mp3 mp3 mp3 mp3 mp3
Fly! mp3 mp3 mp3 mp3 mp3
Hi-C Run mp3 mp3 mp3 mp3 mp3


By 2007, scalable mellophone mouthpieces were becoming more prevalent and produced by Curry and Karl Hammond, as well as Terry Warburton. This option offers performers a chance to acquire a mouthpiece that more closely meets their needs. This may make the use of a Monette Flumpet mouthpiece unnecessary. However, this performer will likely to continue using this mouthpiece (and is even contemplating the acquisition of a Prana "slap" STC-2 Flumpet cup mouthpiece for use with the mellophone.


Review by Scooter Pirtle (email)



Where to Buy


Available directly from Monette or any Monette Authorized dealer.